Comunidade Servos de Maria do Coração de Jesus

Comunidade Servos de Maria do Coração de Jesus

Our Mission

Our Mission

Called to take part in the new evangelization
The love of Christ urges us - and woe to us if we do not proclaim the Gospel (cf. 2 Cor 5:14; 1 Cor 9:16). The main aim of CSMCJ activity is the new evangelization.

Our mission is directed mainly to the places and people least reached by the proclamation of the Gospel, where faith is in greater danger because of poverty, false doctrines, the influence of materialist-consumerist  and hedonistic mentality, fueled mainly by the media.
The spiritual foundation of the Mission: the primacy of grace

We believe that we can do nothing without the Lord (Jn 15,5), that the Holy Spirit with the action of His Grace is the author of conversion, and that we are precious instruments in the measure of our surrender to Him; therefore our first contribution to the effectiveness of the mission, before our capabilities and technical resources, are our prayers and sacrifices for love.
We are convinced that suffering is often a result of lack of love and is a cry to break the walls of indifference, that trap many people in their self-sufficiency. So when suffering becomes an offering of love, which has immense missionary potential, it provides greater openness in the hearts to the announce of the Word. Also the voluntary sacrifice, like fasting and other mortifications, are indispensable for the success of missionary activity.

Missionary activity content

With the testimony, the word and all the means at our disposal, we announce the Commandments of God's law, the infinite love of the Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, wounded by men’s sin, the Last Things. We prepare for the renewal of baptismal promises through the Consecration to Jesus through our Blessed Mother, according to the method of Saint Louis M. Grignion de Montfort; we encourage the inner life of intimacy with God by the exercise of virtue, especially of purity and '' art of prayer '' alone or together; by praying and meditating the Rosary in the family, to ask for liberation from evil and from all evils for the full restoration of the whole human person (cf. Mt 6:13; Mk 16.17 to 18) and to intercede for peace in the world and in the hearts (cf. 1 Tim 2,1- 4). We promote awareness and internalization of the Scriptures, especially the Gospels, the preparation and participation to the sacraments of Confession and especially the Sunday Eucharist, Eucharistic adoration, active participation to the life of the parish community under the guidance of their pastor, the promotion of solidarity and voluntary service in the social institutions of the community or parish.
 Mission Components

All CSMCJ are missionary, because they strive for the salvation of souls and the expansion of God's Kingdom. The mission of the Servants of Mary is a joint action, internal or external, to reflect Gospel values. They must use for this purpose the most convenient means in every situation, always considering that the testimony is the most important element. They must be in harmony with the local reality of each parish and diocese, in obedience to the parish priests and bishops who welcome us. The mission areas are: contemplation, evangelization, social service and support.
Social service

We are aware that we cannot solve alone the serious problems afflicting society and that it is no use to slip into the trap of activism. But we want to be a sign of hope for the Kingdom and promote solidarity with all our suffering brothers and sisters.

Our social action unfolds in various initiatives and projects, and is subject to continuous expansion, according to the signs of God's will, that the Spirit reveals to us. In front of the knowledge of God's will, our response is: "Here I am, Lord, to fulfil your will”.