Comunidade Servos de Maria do Coração de Jesus

Comunidade Servos de Maria do Coração de Jesus



Father Lorenzo D`Andrea

Italian priest, ordained on July 2nd, 1994, was a member of a new community for 10 years. By God's design of Divine Providence, he met the Founders in 1997 and immediately felt the call to be part of our community since the early years of the foundation.

As our first priest, he was very important: his presence, his experience, his missionary zeal, his deep spirituality were of great importance for the establishment of the Community. He is now the Rector of the Shrine of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and is responsible for the spiritual formation of the members and of the founders of the Community.  

Father Severino Alencar

Ordained in 1965 in the diocese of Patos, all his life is a great commitment and zeal for the Church. He was one of the first priests who received the Founders, in the beginning of their mission, in his parish. We call him "the warrior", because of his every day struggle for life (due to his poor health) and his sacrifices for the salvation of souls. 
He lives an authentic spiritual life with great devotion to the Virgin Mary and the saints; many go to him to get a word of comfort and advice for their lives.

Sister Bettina Knapp

Of German nationality, she was also a member of another community. 
When she met the Founders, she heard the voice of the Lord inviting her to follow His way in our new foundation. 
She entered the Community in 2000 and in 2001 began the contemplative life, thus being Mother General of the contemplative Branch.
Cheerful, gentle and of great obedience to God's will, she is always there for those who come to meet her.